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  • An Introduction to Xamarin
  • Keywords:
Robert H Xamarin, C#, Microsoft, Android, iOS, Mac, .NET, Windows, Visual Studio, Mobile, Mobile Development, Software Engineering, Cross Platform
Wednesday, April 19th, 2017
  • Speakers:  David Allen
is the Mobile Practice Director for Blue Metals Chicago Office.   Originally educated as a Theoretical Physicist, he has been  architecting  complex systems and developing software for over 30 years,  and now  concentrates on mobile development using Xamarin, which he has  been  using since the MonoTouch and MonoDroid days. David is the main   organizer of the Chicago .Net Mobile Developers Group, the third  largest  Xamarin focused user group in the US. He and his wife are owned  by  Kimmie, a rescue Greyhound who graciously allows him to go to work  and  attend technology events, so he can buy her more treats. 
  • Summary:
Xamarin  is a cross platform compilation framework which enables developers to  write native applications for a variety of non-.NET platforms including  iOS, Android, and Mac, using C# and the power of the .NET framework.  Last year Xamarin was acquired by Microsoft and made totally free and  open source. It is included in all editions of Visual Studio 2015 &  2017, including the free community editions, and in Visual Studio for  Mac.
In  this talk, David Allen from BlueMetal, will discuss how developers can  create native apps for iOS, Android and Windows UWP, using C# and a  single code repository and achieve significant code reuse across the  platforms. He will dispel the many myths around Xamarin by explaining  how it works at a technical level and explain how the apps you create  with Xamarin are no different than those you create with Objective-C /  Swift and Java. Come and hear why Xamarin represents the future of  native mobile development.
While  there will be light refreshments available, feel free to "brown bag" it  and bring in food from the outside to eat during the social hour.
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ACM Local Support
Local Business sponsor prospects:
IBM - Kimberly Matia - Pittsburgh and NYC.
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Andrew C ACM Youngstown
Yearly Routine - This is an informal area for us to learn about whats happening in our city.  This helps our remote folks to find avenues to help our city / school organizers. 
How to Grow a User Group
  • Activity (general year-over-year theme)
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ACM Local Summary:
We help smart technical peers advance in their field through informative events and new social connections.  City meetup events cover challenges facing beginners to Turning Award winners.
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Andrew C How to Grow a User Group
Professionals - Charles Hanson, Alan Polinsky, Beverly May
Students - Carlos Guzman, Aarti Bagul
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Professionals - Mike Salera, Katherine McClintic, Amar Zumkhawala 
Students - 
Andrew C How to Grow a User Group
Members (21)
Robert Hernandez Greg Neumarke Harsh Verma Todd Chapin Sebastian Borza Tara Raj Aygerim Sauletkhan David Zhu Karl Herleman Xi He Katherine McClintic Shannon Kraemer Marc Temkin Sebastian Borza tracey.hughes@neoacmchapter.org robert.j.chong@gmail.com menglanj@andrew.cmu.edu Aarti Bagul Carlos Guzman lumjjb@gmail.com

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